Annual Service

Keep your ride running for years with regular maintenance. Our annual service covers all of the essentials oil change, oil filter change, air filter service, and chain lube and adjustment, we inspect axle bolts & suspension bolts, set all cable adjustments, & an overall general inspection. Bring in your bike today and let us ready your ride.

Carb Rebuilds

Fuel and oxygen are the fundamentals of combustion engines. If you’ve ever opened up your carburetor you know that gas passes through small jets in your carb that can very easily be clogged. If you have a bike that pops or won’t stay running, your carb may be the cause of the problem. We see a lot of clogged jets so we keep jet kits in stock and we’re here to get your bikes fuel system flowing again.

Suspension Rebuilds

Your bikes forks and shocks need just as much attention as the rest of your bike. Fluids, seals, and bushing are breaking down with every stroke. If you see any residue around your forks, that’s a good sign that your in need of a fork service. Suspension revalving is the next step to getting your ride perfectly setup for your weight and riding ability.

Performance upgrades

The best thing about owning a dirt bike, other than riding it, is making it your own. Aftermarket pipes, like FMF, Pro Circuit, and Yoshimura, are one of the first mods that can be done. If you’re really looking to get more power out of your bike we can handle your major engine mods like head porting, high compression pistons, high performance valve installs.



Additional Services

  • Fuel Line Replacement

  • Performance Tuning

  • Seat Reupholstery & Recovering

  • Tire Changes

  • Tire & Rim Installs

  • Fork & Shock Rebuilds

  • Fuel Tank Flush

  • Fuel Pump Replacement

  • Crankshaft Rebuilds

  • Transmission Rebuilds

  • Full Engine Overhauls

  • Top End Rebuilds

  • Handle Bar Replacement

  • Grip Installs

  • Steering Stem Replacement


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